by Taylor Borenz

Leni Black is easily cool and global, very much like her number one film star Audrey Hepburn. She lived for a considerable length of time in Beijing and Hong Kong, surfed in Sri Lanka, and afterward acquired consideration in the Boston independent scene prior to moving to Nashville.

We’ve all seen the omnipresent “I’M NOT A ROBOT” confirmation used to ruin spammers – and Black’s new melody “Not A Robot” takes a gander at connections where one individual is throbbing with life, love and suddenness while the other remaining parts standoffish and “basically” feeling-less.

The wonderful scaffold toward the finish of the melody is an energizing weep for individuals who won’t be cold and clinical about adoration:

I’m stardust,

I’m blood,

I’m remarkable

I’m love

Leni’s other new tunes additionally uncover that she’s in no peril of transforming into R2-D2. “HOW I FEEL” can possibly be the “it” tune of 2022 on the grounds that it has the helpless, widespread allure of Carly Rae Jepsen’s beast hit “Call Me Maybe.” Black’s melody “Sydney” has the glow and virtuosity of a Taylor Swift tune – and the video puts Leni solidly in the secondary lounge of the taxi shared by Audrey Hepburn and George Peppard in the last scene from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. That is where Audrey at last focuses on a genuine relationship as opposed to taking off.

You needn’t bother with an A.I. application to realize that Leni Black is a tremendously gifted craftsman to watch out for. Natural eyes just… no red automated eyes like in Terminator.

We’ve all seen the “I’m Not A Robot” confirmation multiple times, yet a brilliant illustration for individuals appear to have no flesh sentiments. What provoked you to compose this melody?

Much obliged to you! You know, it’s forever been a peculiar inquiry for me. I gaze at my screen when I see that inquiry. Elon Musk said it’s a 50/50 possibility we live in a reenactment. Regardless of whether you are perusing this at the present time, congrats! 1-in-400-trillion possibility of that occurrence. Since I had a heart, I would keep awake until late around evening time and consider life. This melody is for anybody who feels like once in a while they have a heavier heart than others. For anybody attempting to redirect their own life, or contemplating whether any other individual feels however much they do. I guarantee you I feel things, profound feelings. I can’t be a robot.

Was this tune composed performance or was it a co-compose?

Despite the fact that I love to co-compose (particularly in Nashville), this one came to me before long. Sitting on the sofa, my pleasant midtown condo took care of as I was prepared to move into a companion’s cellar the next morning to set aside cash while at long last seeking after music full-time. It began with the main line about how I truly feel like once in a while I live in a recreation in view of all the high points and low points life tosses my direction consistently. I sent it to a couple of individuals on the spot and (this doesn’t occur frequently) everybody answered with positive criticism on the verses. A melody was conceived.

The extension toward the finish of the tune is terrific, both expressively and artistically. “I’m stardust, I am blood, I’m remarkable, I am love… ” What were you feeling when you composed this segment?

I’m so cheerful you like it. I think a many individuals who listened associated with this and can chime in. I realized it must be the contrary sensation of the programmed “I’m not a robot” question. The scaffold really a long time after I composed the tune. I was sitting in the studio while my maker was spreading out the beat with my guitar close by, playing the harmonies again and again asking myself what it is to be human. I began whistling, making messes with him about how I could never be a robot, since I mess everything in my own life up. How should a robot potentially commit this numerous errors? I’m stardust, I am blood, I am the universe started things out. My previous yoga teacher generally finished the meeting with the inquiry “Who am I?” I would contemplate internally, “I’m whoever I need.” And the remarkable part, indeed, every life has a reason. There is a 45-minute voice note on my telephone still to pay attention to the making of the scaffold!

Who created your tune and who shot that awesome, astronomical video?

Recollect that companion who let me move into the cellar? Chaz Mazzota was quite possibly the earliest companion I made in Nashville and he quickly adored this tune, which is interesting on the grounds that as a craftsman himself we have very various energies overall. Likewise, he doesn’t for the most part create for different craftsmen. He’s a platinum maker with over 80K audience members each month on Spotify alone so he remains occupied! We were following it in the studio out of accommodation to send the demo to another maker and he simply produced constantly it. I think in a manner it propelled him to reach beyond his standard creation style and into a different universe. He is a handyman and rejuvenated the divine video too. We did the video in his studio utilizing a green screen and the outfit changes were humorous. He gained some significant knowledge about lip sparkle reapplication that day. The video should depict a cheerful and miserable human. Then, at that point, an indifferent, mechanical adaptation who is giggling at her own fluctuating feelings. He nailed it. Coincidentally, I in the end moved out of the cellar and am presently offering a put to different performers on the East part of town.

Will you have another EP in the not so distant future that highlights “Sydney,” “HOW I FEEL,” and “Not A Robot”?

Indeed! I feel so thankful to have met such gifted makers in Nashville to assist with rejuvenating these thoughts. This EP is a venture I tested myself on by working with four different pop makers/specialists in Nashville to make four separate melodies for the assortment. Remain tuned for the following two melodies that depend on obvious occasions. The two of them will be emerging before the late spring closes.