by Bryce Alexander

Non mainstream artist musician Mousey’s track “Rachel” drives audience members into space, making a sonic vacuum of straightforward keys, tormenting vocals and reverb-loaded creation that makes the sensation of drifting weightlessly through the ether. Unassuming herself compares the melody to being in space, expressing “there’s no gravity” on the track which shows up on her expected sophomore record My Friends. Portraying a flawed kinship as a feature of a bigger collection of work on her companions, Mousey’s “Rachel” digs into a non-romantic connection between two individuals who have been disdained by the world. In this association the pair feel profound consideration, appreciation and compassion for each other however experience issues pushing forward with their association with do past damage from the world and maybe, one another.

Unassuming mirrors that My Friends is tied in with “being let down however being cherished”, instead of her past collection which focussed on both “being let down and being a let-down”. This is intelligent in “Rachel” which invokes a particular sensation of dejection subsequent to having being violated, an acknowledgment of torment that you can give up to and nearly lie easily with. The quietness of Rachel makes a warm and place of refuge for scarred spirits to contemplate their feelings of grief and disillusionments which have popped up in the storybook of life, meanwhile it are as yet wanted to recollect that they.

In minutes together we had a similar inclination/we sung a similar melody

yet, a similar sort of shortcoming/can’t contact for a really long time

The people who have gotten through the highs and lows of grown-up fellowship know the sting of Mousey’s verses generally excessively well. In these kinships you make an honest effort to keep up with the degree of association with a companion you once felt, yet your personality blemishes are not correlative and just dissolve against each other, until you both feel depleted and lost.

Did you draw from one relationship for “Rachel,” and how would you think this formed your view on non-romantic associations in your day to day existence?

Indeed, one relationship, with my companion Rachel, in spite of the fact that I feel that each fellowship I’ve had in my life had impacted my perspective. Each new experience has painted a piece of the image and I am as yet sorting it out and likely will be until an amazing end.

“Rachel” appears to epitomize an individual course of truth-telling – does this kind of songwriting take into account acknowledgment and resurrection?


You have said that this collection is tied in with “being let down however being cherished” which mirrors a more confident tone than your last collection Lemon Law, might you at some point educate us a piece concerning this progress?

I believed this new collection should be a positive, healthy experience and in spite of the fact that I attempted, my year wasn’t so certain so that is clearly going to be reflected in the composition. Living, all by itself, is a struggle and convoluted and furthermore extraordinary and delightful. On the off chance that you get trust from the collection, extraordinary, on the off chance that you feel helped in your irredeemable from the collection, incredible as well. It’s holding nothing back there.

The creation on “Rachel” is incredibly novel – did you have a particular quality at the top of the priority list while composing this tune?

I composed it in obscurity on my piano at home. It took its shape effectively and normally in about 60 minutes. The creation cycle for me is exceptionally independent from the creative cycle. I go on and on forever up with what I initially envision when I produce, I simply continue to adjust until it feels right.

Who are your melodic impacts?

The rundown is excessively lengthy. Right now I’m really motivated by Fiona Apple, Portishead and Bjork, yet when I was making My Friends I was paying attention to a ton of Angel Olsen, The Kinks and The Beatles. It will be changing all the time.